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I have always felt a deep connection with horses.

I feel that horses are encoded into my DNA. They are also written in the stars as my astrological chart is filled with Sagittarius, which is my sun sign.

When I’m with horses I can connect into a space within myself that feels so still and peaceful. It is filled with presence and wisdom. 

When I’m with horses I feel so authentically me. I can just be.

I have followed my love and passion for horses my entire life––and I still do. It guides me to what feels fulfilling of my purpose in this lifetime.

This love has led me to become a professional in the equine industry as a practitioner and instructor of body equine bodywork and horse medicine leadership.

But my work goes beyond the superficial. Beyond a need to create income. My work is to be a champion of these absolutely incredible animals. To advocate for them to be honoured and respected as the wise, compassionate and loving sentient beings that they are. Each horse with his or her unique gifts and medicine. 

And through this work, to co-create the next level expansion of horse-human consciousness in service of their collective and ours.
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Podcast time!

Today both Lina Petersdotter Johansson and Nica Ware shows up in the Canadian podcast, Sovereign Horse for such an amazing talk about the project and about horses way of guiding humanity. Come and join us for this magical talk!

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