Biography – Elsie Reford, Quebec Canada

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For many years, Elsie thought she was a true horsewoman. Growing up within the mainstream horse industry, where red ribbons (Elsie is Canadian!) and perfect braids personified knowledgeable horse ownership, it wasn’t until her mare Fara began breaking down in that very world that Elsie’s whole perception on life as a horse-person began to fall apart. Having once envisioned herself cantering down the centreline in an Olympic stadium, Elsie credits Fara for saving her from a world that was insidiously destroying both of their souls, one dressage lesson at a time. A tumultuous and painful unraveling ensued as Elsie worked to restore Fara’s health and tended to her own mental demons and emotional wounds. During this upheaval, Elsie met Ike, her second horse and a gelding who Elsie would later recognize as having salvaged her love of horses in those dark and confusing months dealing with the aftermath of her and Fara’s burnout. Now, three years later, Elsie is listening to what it feels like to be in her heart when she works with the horses. She feels like she is finally reaching for the sun, grounded in her power and her truth. She doesn’t quite know where she is headed yet, but she does know this:

She is a writer

    She is a dreamer 

        and She is a horse-lover.

And she is open to the possibility that these may be the only things she’ll ever need to share with others and know about herself in order to make her impact.

Instagram: @farout_and_about

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Podcast time!

Today both Lina Petersdotter Johansson and Nica Ware shows up in the Canadian podcast, Sovereign Horse for such an amazing talk about the project and about horses way of guiding humanity. Come and join us for this magical talk!

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