Biography Saskia Iten, Switzerland

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I am an empathic soul, deeply connected with nature and animals. My energetic roots are my wings that carry me through life. My wings are unfolding. With every sunrise I lean more into my heart, I am growing stronger into my own nature, following my intuition and starting to shine brighter to give a little light to the ones not seeing their own yet and still stepping in the dark. My light shines in warm colors and transmits love, freedom, enjoyment and ease. I love deep talks and connections, good laughs, floating in water, strolling through woods and soaking in all kinds of light.

With my horse partner Oak I share a deep connection. He is the one always guiding me straight back into my heart when losing my mind.

Horses have been my guides back to my true self and with the backing of their power and wisdom I believe that many more people can follow me on this path and start to truly bloom from within. To get back to feel again, to open their heart and senses, to heal and grow into their full potential.

I flow through energies, I hear what they have to whisper and carry its magic out into the world. With that my mission is to guide people back to their true nature, their soul, in order to make the world a place of trust, authenticity, pure joy and peace.

I truly believe that even reading and receiving the messages of all the horses can have a great impact, if we allow it to. Anyway, everything is just as powerful as we allow it to.

Web page:
Instagram: wisdom.of.horses

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Podcast time!

Today both Lina Petersdotter Johansson and Nica Ware shows up in the Canadian podcast, Sovereign Horse for such an amazing talk about the project and about horses way of guiding humanity. Come and join us for this magical talk!

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